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Working with Students

My seminars are designed to introduce students to a world where there are no right answers.

I use contemporary and relevant real-life situations to challenge students to think about the impact technological developments have, not just on themselves, but their community and the world.

My goal is to provoke deeper, more sophisticated thinking, and help each one of them to discover the basis of their existing ideas and beliefs and the various alternatives.

These are the types of outcomes we get


  • discover how to take on a wider view of issues affecting them, their friends and family
  • improve their listening and their ability to empathise with others with alternative views
  • learn to manage their reactions and responses to ideas that might normally trigger an emotional reactions
  •  become open to the idea that they may not be right
  • learn how to employ more logical and critical thinking
  • see that other people think in an entirely different way
  • become more open and accepting of alternatives viewpoints.

What Students say:

Isabel Kelly
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It opened my eyes to the fact that other people, even my closest friends, may have entirely different ethical opinions.
Madeline Banghen
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Well done and very helpful! The Bioethics seminar has really encouraged me to identify my beliefs and examine them more thoroughly
Jessie Chisnall
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I really enjoyed it and it really opened my eyes about what goes on in the world. I am left pondering what it’s like to be put into another person’s shoes.
Madeline Chapman
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These seminars are ideal for character building especially in our final year before we enter a world without the financial and cultural security that school offers.

Working with Schools

I run Professional Development seminars designed to help teachers design and deliver effective and engaging Values Education lessons.

I’ll share with you proven methods and resources and show you how you can use them, whatever your specialist subject.

I’ll demonstrate how you can adopt a facilitative teaching style and inspire and empower your students.

My goal is to provide you with practical ideas and resources that enable you develop Values Eduaction in your classroom.

What Teachers say:

Ian Dodd
Ian DoddAssistant Principal Pastoral Care, The Scots College, Sydney
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"Loved the practical focus - ideas and strategies were stimulating and interesting, engaging and interactive. Excellent delivery and presentation - passionate and informed, cohesive and fluent."
Barbara Hunt
Barbara HuntSacred Heart College, Adelade
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“I appreciated the fact that you are a teacher and modelled what you taught – I.e., good teaching methodology. Plus you were engaging and held my attention throughout the day. I brought my marking to do – but not once did I reach for it, as in other less engaging PD days!”
Reverend Jenny Walker
Reverend Jenny WalkerAnnesley College, Adelaide
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“Deborah is a lively, stimulating and engaging teacher who generously shares from her own wide knowledge to inform, excite and prepare teachers for their task of teaching in the area of Bioethics.”
Marie Horan
Marie HoranMount Alvernia College, Brisbane
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“Deb, this was wonderful. I feel I am going back to my classroom with so much. I am the quiet introvert of the class so I enjoy listening and don’t really like speaking up too much but I’m pleased you took me out of my comfort zone. I wholeheartedly recommend this seminar to all educators. The thinking skills alone make it worthwhile.”
Dr Cinnamon Lane
Dr Cinnamon LaneFirbank Grammar School, Brighton, Victoria
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“Most beneficial PD I’ve been on. Deborah’s passion for her subject and ability to relate it to her teaching was inspirational. Gave many teaching tools and resources I can start using tomorrow.”

Working with Society

My conference speaking is an opportunity for you to be exposed to issues not normally covered by traditional business speakers.
Creating More Awareness
Scientific and technological advances impact almost everyone. I design my talks to engage and inform audiences about issues that may impact them, their organisations and family. And to challenge you about what the future may bring to your everday life.
Not your usual business presentation
If you’re wanting your group to be exposed to something outside the normal scope of business presentations – to connect their personal beliefs and values to emerging technologies – I can offer a presentation that have them challenged, engaged and thinking more deeply.

What Conference Participants say:

Deborah James
Deborah JamesExecutive Director, Independent Schools of New Zealand.
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Deborah, please accept our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful contribution you made to our Annual Independent Schools of New Zealand conference held recently in Auckland. Your enthusiastic and vibrant delivery was very much appreciated by our delegates. The feedback was very positive with your content and delivery being praised. I do hope we shall have the opportunity to call on your expertise at future forums and conferences. Deborah James, Executive Director, Independent Schools of New Zealand.
J HardieConvenor, Contemporary Issues Conference
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Thank you so very much for the tremendous presentation on Bioethics. Delegates were, and still are, loud in their praise of both the information you gave and the splendid way in which it was presented. Now I can hear murmurs of ‘when can we hear more?”! In the meantime, our most sincere thanks for your time and skills.
Julian HowardConvenor Marion Pryor Memorial Lecture
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"Presenter of the Marion Pryor memorial lecture, Deborah presented on Biomedicine and Bioethics. This was a technical subject but Deborah was able to present this in both an understandable and interesting format, using engaging techniques, computer technology and a good level of humour. By the end of the presentation the audience was buzzing with enthusiasm on the issues raised. Throughout this week compliments on Deborah’s style and her treatment of the subject have continued, and there is a demand for her to return to continue our learning of this complex subject."
Various Delegates
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"I was impressed by the thread of Deborah's storytelling and the way it demonstrated issues to me. I've loved being challenged and informed by all the ethical examples."
Science and Society Conference
Christchurch, New Zealand

"Deborah was truly inspiring"
International Bioethics Education Conferenc
National University of Singapore


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