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Q & A Cannabis Referendum 2020

Answering some of the frequently asked questions about the upcoming referendum on the legalisation of recreational cannabis use in New Zealand.
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The Science of Cannabis

Cannabis Use:
Lessons from overseas juristrictions

This resource provides an overview of the legal approaches to cannabis adopted in numerous jurisdictions overseas and the lessons that can be learned from experiences abroad.
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Bioethics Education in the School Curriculum

Bioethics education reflects that technology is a value-laden activity and seeks to prepare citizens to understand the technical processes, assess the ethical issues, and to actively participate in the decisions that are made with respect to the development and control of technology.
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History and Legal Context of use in
New Zealand

Ministry of Justice Cannabis Statistics

Artificial General Intelligence: Achievable or misguided?

Can genuine human-like intelligence can be synthesised in the way AI developers claim?
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Cannabis Testing in
New Zealand

Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the issues of control

Should we be cautious regarding unfettered developments of AI and should we be concerned about such developments in situations where our humanity may be compromised?
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Glossary of Terms

This glossary offers some useful definitions of terms and acronyms that are used in the discussion of Bioethical issues
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